Thanks a lot, Moonlight Reader and Obsidian, for the extra rolls. I´m planning on finishing At the Existentialist Café first before digging into a new book.


Starting point: Square 29




Extra dice roll #1:



I have two books for this square, that I might be reading:


Lonesome Dove - Larry McMurtry  The Thin Man - Dashiell Hammett  


I´m not sure if I will be reading either one of these for this square. Lonesome Dove is so long and The Thin Man isn´t a western (and this really bugs me).


Extra dice roll #2:



There is a boat on the cover, so I guess there is at least one story that takes place on a boat. And the letters in the title can be used to spell "River":


Poirot Investigates  - Agatha Christie 


Extra dice roll #3:



I can´t think of a book for this one... so I will just skip this square.