It is too early in the morning, so I made a mistake counting my squares (sorry guys, I feel so stupid). So here comes the revised post.


Bank: $20



My first dice roll:



Which puts me on this square:




Because of a double roll, I´m allowed to throw the dice one more:



Which puts me on this square:



My initial thought for the Main street 11 square was a book by Richard Yates, but I simply cannot stomach the depressiveness in his books at the moment. So I´m picking a book by an author, who has been born before 1955 (the actual story takes place in the 1930s).


The Big Sleep (Penguin Essentials) - Chandler Raymond 


 And I´m so happy that this book has been tagged (by 12 people!) as a cozy mystery on goodreads, because I cannot wait to read it:


The Man in the Brown Suit - Agatha Christie