Miss Buncle's Book - DE Stevenson

Have you met Miss Barbara Buncle? It´s the 1930s: Miss Buncle is an unmarried woman in her late thirties and she has some severe economical problems. In order to earn money she writes a book under a pen name, a book about the small English village she lives in. And since she is the most unimaginative person on this planet, it´s pretty apparent who she is writing about. And her neighbours are not amused...


Whenever you have a crappy day, just pick up Miss Buncle´s Book and reading it will make you feel happy. It´s cozy, delightful and utterly charming and all of my favorite characters got their personal happy ending, which made me happy. And I adored the depiction of the small village of Silverstream and its inhabitants.


I really love this novel and I highly recommend Miss Buncle´s Book to everyone who needs a great comfort read.