Miss Buncle's Book - DE Stevenson

Colonel Weatherhead (retired) was one of her (Mrs Goldsmith, the baker) best customers and he was an early breakfaster. He lived in a grey stone house down near the bridge - The Bridge House - just opposite to Mrs Bolds at Cosy Neuk. Mrs Bold was a widow. She had nothing to drag her out of bed in the morning, and, therefore, like a sensible woman, she breakfasted late. It was inconvenient from the point of view of breakfast rolls that two such near neighbours should want their roll at different hours.


The delivery of breakfast rolls needs to be meticulously planned. And she has only one delivery boy and he doesn´t even have a bike to do his errands.


As it was, something must be done, either a bicycle or an extra boy - and boys were such a nuisance.


I think I´m going to like this book.


(Btw, this isn´t the actually cover of the book, it´s a picture of the endpapers. I already submitted the change of the cover and I hope that one of the librarians will approve it).