The Interestings: A Novel - Meg Wolitzer

In 1974 six teenagers meet at a summer camp for the arts and become close-knit friends, calling themselves ”The Interestings”. Over the following 400+ pages we get to follow the lives of these six people and let me tell you, it is not that interesting.

To tell the turth, the story is incredibly boring. Following the lives of (rich) white people over a span of 40 years isn´t something I particularly enjoy to read. At about page 300 I became so annoyed with this book, I started to skimread. What really got to me in the end was the sheer amount of drama that Meg Wollitzer has inflicted on her characters. Aids, poverty, depression, physical abuse, 9/11, the recession (only mentioned by the closing of their favorite takeout restaurant). I don´t think there is a single problem, that these characters not have to deal with.


I hated the main character, Jules. Everybody is just in love with her and she is the best friend ever and she is so funny. Here comes the truth about Jules (born a Julie, but that is not hip enough): she is a petty, jealous, selfish and horrible person. The author describes her as being so funny and the only funny thing is that she hasn´t a single funny line in the whole freaking book.  


And then there happens something in this book that is so dismissive towards women and victims of sexual abuse that I cannot give more than a one star rating with a clear conscience. 


A book that I won´t recommend to anyone, because, to be honest, it is awful.