Bird Box: A Novel - Josh Malerman

Bird Box tells the story of Malorie, who is locked up with her children in a boarded up house. She can only go out blindfolded, because something is lurking out there. Something which makes people hurt themself and others, whenever they catch a glimpse of it.


This is the main premise of the book: something is out there, which makes you go crazy when you lay your eyes upon it. The story is told in the present and in the past. In the present timeline Malorie takes her two 4 year old children, blindfolds them, and goes on a kanutrip with them to reach a safe house. In the past we follow the pregnant Malorie at the time of the outbreak of whatever is going on this book. She has just arrived at her first safe house and she has to do, what every character in a postapocalyptic novel has to do: she tries to survive.


Let me begin by saing that nothing in this book particularly annoyed me. OK, I didn´t care for the characters at all and how Malorie and her children didn´t develop a rachitis after four years of being locked up in a dark house is quite beyond me (Vitamin D deficiency is a thing, dear author).And I could be a tad annoyed by the fact that not even the author knows, what is going on in the outside world. At least he should know, right?

My problem with this book lies in the fact that it belongs to the depressing post-apocalyptic genre. A bunch of survivers has to become a group in order to survive and of course, not everything runs as smoothly as it should. The same old, same old. And to be honest, I don´t give a shit about any of this "Survival of the fittest" crap. These kind of books neither speak to me on an emotional level nor an intellectual one, the two things that make me enjoy a book I´m reading. At least it should be entertaining, which these books most of the time are not (at least for me). So do I enjoy post-apocalyptic books? No, I most certainly don´t.


R.I.P depressing, post-apocalyptic, dystopian books and good riddance.There are too many books out there for me to read, so you won´t be missed.