The Murder at the Vicarage - Agatha Christie

I really enjoyed this book, which is the first novel in the Miss Marple series. The narrator of the story is the vicar of Sct. Mary Mead, Mr. Clement, and as the title suggests, it´s his study in which Colonel Protheroe has been killed. So the vicar starts to investigate on his own and has to deal with the police, the villagers and of course Miss Marple, the sharp and observant neighbor next door.


A much more enjoyable read than my last Christie "Death on the Nile", which I had to struggle my way through. I really liked the small town setting and the vicars view on his surroundings. He is a great and likeable first person narrator and he is the only one, who realizes, what a sly fox Miss Marple really is. And I have to admit, I´m very glad that I didn´t know who the murderer was until the final revelation.


Overall a great and enjoyable Christie read.