Sweetheart, Sweetheart - Bernard Taylor, Michael Rowe

First of all a huge thank you to Char for writing a stunning review for this book, which led me to buying it.


David is living with his girlfriend Shelagh in New York, when all of a sudden he feels the need to visit his twin brother Colin in England. Upon his arrival he learns that his brother has died in a car accident and his sister-in-law Helen has died mysteriously as well. After having inherited the cottage of Colin and Helen, David is desperate to unravel the mystery behind their deaths.


And that is all I´m going to say about the plot, you should definitely experience it on your own without being spoiled by anything.


I really loved this book. Bernard Taylor writing is so descriptive and beautiful, whether he is describing the cottage and its garden in a lush and vivid manner or the ecclectic small town cast of characters. The flow of the story is a rather slow one up until the half way mark of the book, after that I almost couldn´t put it down. There is such a great build up of tension in this novel and the slow story telling in the beginning definitely adds to the dread you are feeling when reaching the later chapters in this book. And the ending is nothing short but amazing. Just so, so good.


Why only 4,5 stars? I had a slight problem with David. He has that great epiphany towards the end, when he finally realises who is responsible for everything that has happened. Come on, David, it´s been so obvious. I knew about a 100 pages before him who´s been responsible. So I thought his moment of clarity was rather ridiculous. My theories for David acting like a doofus is a) he isn´t the sharpest tool in the shed or b) his brain is getting messed with (I guess, this is the right one).


A highly recommended read. It´s my pick for the supernatural square and even though I didn´t mention anything supernatural in my review, trust me, it totally deserves this spot.