Storm of the Century: An Original Screenplay - Stephen King

A gigantic storm is heading for Little Tall Island, a close-knitted community of about 200 people in Maine. But the storm isn´t the only thing, that is heading for the island and the islanders. Andre Linoge is coming to town and he has one claim: "Give me what I want and I will go away".


My feelings upon finishing this screenplay: Dread, despair, nausea. The islanders are people, who have lived over generations on the island and they are used to stick together and keeping each others secrets, no matter what. As soon as Andre Linoge enters the picture, this slowly changes. He knows the deepest and darkest secrets of everybody and he starts his mind-games with the islanders. And Andre Linoge is one creepy guy. He is pure evil, the inevitable nagging in the back of the head and the reminder for the islanders that they have sinned and deep down are despicable people. Linoge is simply put another great evil character that Stephen King has created in this story.  

I truly enjoyed this book in all its creepiness, eventhough the last couple of pages have been some rough reading and I basically loathed everybody towards the end. And I have to admit that at some point is has been pretty clear where the story is heading. It´s still a recommendable read and I´m glad that I read another one of Kings stories (I think I would have preferred a novel, though).


I have choosen this book for the "dark and stormy night" halloween bingo square, but it could be used for "Supernatural", "Horror" and "Set in New England" as well.