Written In Red - Anne Bishop

So here is the thing: I´m not a big fan of urban fantasy. There is something about the world building and the characters that I can´t connect with and more than often there is a quickly escalating love story thrown in the mix, which leads to excessive eye-rolling on my behalf.

So consider me surprised that I really liked Written in Red. Granted, this first book feels more like an introduction to the whole series and Anne Bishop slowly explains the world, she has created. But I have been intrigued by this story from page one and after page 150 I was totally enamored by it. I couldn´t put this book down (and there isn´t an escalating love story). This series may turn into a comfort read for me, so I will definitely check out the second book. 

And I have to admit that Lakeside Courtyard is one of the fictional places I would love to live myself. Preferably as an owl, just saying.