The Birds & Other Stories - Daphne du Maurier

The Birds and Other Stories is the first short story collection I have read by Daphne Du Maurier and it won´t be my last. I really enjoyed these stories and Du Mauriers atmospheric writing. Some of the stories I enjoyed more than the others and The Birds has been my favorite in this collection.


The Birds: The inspiration to Hitchcock´s famous movie. All over England the birds are acting crazy and are ganging up on humanity and a farmer has to do everything to keep his family save.

This story gives me the same sense of dread as the movie does whenever I´m watching it. Birds can be creepy. Rating: 5/5


Mount Verità: The story about two friends, who are avid mountaineers. As one of them gets married, their lives are about to change forever.

The longest story in this collection and the one I liked the least, because it´s a tad to mystical for me. The beginning of the story is confusing and I had to go back to it again upon finishing it, just to make sense of it. Rating: 2,5/5


The Apple Tree: A man, his deceased wife and the apple tree in the garden.

I loved this story. Du Maurier is a master in changing your perception of certain characters throughout a story. Rating: 4,5/5


The Little Photographer: A Marquise, rich, bored and neglected by her husband, is dreaming of having an affair. Ultimately she acts upon her dream, with undreamt-of consequences.

I thoroughly enjoyed the wicked ending. Rating: 4/5


Kiss me again, Stranger: A man, who has never before been in love with a woman, meets the girl of his dreams. But the girl has secrets of her own.

And once again Du Maurier turns everything I thought about certain characters on its head. Not the strongest story in this collection, though. Rating: 3/5


The Old Man: Told through the perspective of a nosy neighbour, it´s the story of a an old man, his wife and his children.

A poetic and downright weird story. I have to reread this one, because I´m not quite sure if the narrator is a reliable one. Oddly fascinating. Rating: 3,5/5