Ammie, Come Home - Barbara Michaels

I have read as far as Murder by Death did (page 68 out 341) and the first chapters are simply an introduction to the characters and their lives. A few mysterious things are happening and there is a sense of foreboding and I´m, too, pretty sure that in the next chapters there will be a whole lot of trouble.


I suppose this book is set in the mid 1960s, but I have the hardest time placing this book in this time period. As soon as I read about Ruths niece Sarah and her clothing style (I`m picturing her as a goth), I placed the story in modern times. On the other hand she has these gothic describtions of the houses and some of the other characters. Personally I have just the hardest time picturing the 1960s as being gothic. But maybe that´s just me.


Oh, does anyone else think that Pat is kind of pushy? And yes, I have to concur with MdB, the pet naming occured awfully fast.