The Essex Serpent - Sarah Perry

Wow, I didn´t like a single thing about this book. I have to admit, though, I skim-read the second half of the book, simply because I just wanted to get over with it.


So, what didn´t work for me:


  •  Mary Sue ... I´m sorry, Cora Seaborne, the female main character of this story. She is so special and everyone loves her, i couldn´t help but loath her.
  •  The vicar and his wife:


The vicar is making out with Cora in the woods, while his wife is at home dying a horrible death .... Asshole (I´m sorry for the swearing).

(show spoiler)


  • Superfluous secondary characters, who don´t serve any purpose at all. Namely the autistic son of the MC and the lesbian woman, who is secretly in love with Cora.
  • This book has been marketed as historical fiction, but it is much rather a historical romance novel. And it´s a really bad one at that.
  • Towards the end of this book the story turns into a discussion about religious believes, superstition, science / medicin and the human soul. At this point I cheered myself that I started skim-reading this book.