The Essex Serpent - Sarah Perry

I´m not making this up, I swear. The facts about the female main character:


  • Her husband has just recently died and it has been an unhappy marriage.
  • She has an autistic son, who hasn´t any purpose at all besides being there.
  • A man is secretly in love with her.
  • A woman is secretly in love with her, although this isn´t explictly told. But said woman is a raging pile of jealousy.
  • The MC is a naturalist, so she doesn´t mind to get dirty and she certainly isn´t your run-of-the-mill woman in this Victorian time setting. And everybody likes her, of course.
  • She has just met a happily married man, who is a father of three children. There is some mutual attraction between these two, emphasized by vivid descriptions of how these these two characters look at each other. I´m predicting that these two characters will fall in love. But then there is the minor nuisance of the wife, who is still alive at this point. Oh well, the author has just given her a mean cough. Another prediction of mine: she will die.


So yeah, I´m annoyed, but I still hope that my predictions won´t come true.