Fingersmith - Sarah Waters

It´s impossible to say something about the story of Fingersmith without spoiling it and a lot of my enjoyment in reading this book came from not knowing anything about the story. So let me just say that there are a lot of awesome twist and turns throughout the book, which kept me on the edge of my seat, and I really liked the Victorian setting and atmosphere of this book.


But there is just something about Sarah Waters storytelling that keeps me from ardently falling in love with her writing. So far I have read two Sarah Waters novels, The Little Stranger and Fingersmith, and with both books I felt the ending to be a huge letdown.


The scene where Sue is face to face with Gentleman, Maud and Mrs. Sucksby, the big confrontation, had an anticlimatic feel to it and I was underwhelmed by it. Why not let Sue know the truth at that point, get incredibly angry and in the aftermath something terrible happens? Sue has every right to be seriously pissed of by these people, but in the end two of the culprits are dead and she is head over heels in love with the third one. Where has Sue´s anger all of a sudden gone? I can´t believe it is that easy to overlook such a thing as being stuck and abused in a madhouse. Yeah, right, I forgot, she is in love. Too bad that I didn´t feel the lovestory at all and the ending felt like a bad soap opera.

(show spoiler)


I had some issues with this book, but it is well worth the read. I´m still waiting for the perfect Sarah Waters book, though.