I decided on a whim to try out a subscription service, because the idea, to receive a package every month without knowing what is inside it, really appeals to me. And today I got my first package:



I have choosen the Willoughby book club, a UK-based subscription service, who donate a book to charity for every book they send me. They have different kind of book subscriptions, of which I have choosen the "Bespoke Book Club". You can either purchase the subsription for yourself or as a present for someone else. I had to fill out a questionnaire, telling them which genres I prefer, what kind of authors and books I like to read and I have given them the link to my Booklikes bookshelf, so that they could take a look at the books I have read so far.


And I´m so happy with the book they have choosen for me:



The blurb:


When Lucy´s father dies suddenly and unexpectedly, she is bereft. But as chance would have it, the recently widowed Wemyss happens to stroll past the garden the very same day. The two find them inexplicably drawn to each other and are soon engaged. But is it all too good to be true? What happened to Wemyss´s first wife and why does Lucy´s aunt suspect that all is not right?


I have never read a book by Elizabeth von Arnim, but this book is supposed to have inspired Daphne du Maurier´s Rebecca, a book which I adore. It´s seems like this novel may be right up my alley. And it really fells like the people at the Willoughby book club took their time to choose a book that I would like. I cannot wait to read it.