Assassin´s Apprentice isn´t exactly a light beach read and I´m pretty bummed out by the things that has happened to Fitz throughout the novel. So I´m a little moody, which leads me to not knowing what to read next.


Recently I watched some Youtube clips with the "Try a chapter"-tag, which has been created by a booktuber named Malia.


The rules are:

1. Choose 5 books that "you have been meaning to read"

2. Read up to the 1st chapter (prologue included)

3. Yes or no, will you finish or set it aside.


I will adjust the challenge a little bit. I will choose five books from five different genres, read the first chapters of all of them and decide, which one I will continue to read.


So, the five genres I will be choosing books from are: literary fiction, crime, fantasy, science fiction and historical fiction. And the contenders are:


Shelter: A Novel - Jung Yun  The Cutting Season - Attica Locke  The Cinder Spires: The Aeronaut's Windlass - Jim Butcher  Grimspace - Ann Aguirre    Fingersmith - Sarah Waters   


Right now it´s 3:23 pm in northern Germany and it´s raining cats and dogs. Let´s get going.


Shelter: Just finished reading the first chapter and I´m definitely intrigued. The story starts with with a glimpse into the life of Kyung and his wife Gillian, who apparently have financial problems. Much bigger problems arise, when Kyungs mother appears behind their house, naked and badly beaten up.

I´m not going to say anymore about this chapter, because there is a lot more to it and I don´t want to spoil anyone. A great, although nightmarish, first chapter.


The Cutting Season: Meh, just meh. There is a body, but it´s only mentioned as a minor footnote. The rest of the chapter is about a plantation in the south of the US and its manager, who is following her day to day chores. The narrative jumps from one episode to another and is quite confusing and headache inducing. No, I will not  continue with this book.


The Aeronaut´s Windlass: Chapter one ends with a cliffhanger *sigh*. And there are air pirates. Really enjoyed the prologue and the first chapter.


Grimspace: The only SciFi-book I own and haven´t read yet. The book starts with the main character being imprisoned because of an accident she may or may not have caused, when all of a sudden a mysterious stranger turns up in her cell. It´s okay, but I´m not dying to know what happens next.


Fingersmith: Another great chapter. We are introduced to Sue, who´s been raised in a household of thieves and gets the indicent proposal to participate in a scam, which will relieve a young woman of all her money. Really like Sue and the Gentlenman and I´m curious what is going to happen next.


It´s 8:36 pm, it´s still raining cats and dogs and I have finished all the chapters (and it took me forever to do it). I will definitely never, ever read The Cutting Season and I don´t feel the urge to read Grimspace right away. So I have to choose between the last three remaining books, who all had great first chapters.


And the Winner is:


The Cinder Spires: The Aeronaut's Windlass - Jim Butcher


Just because this seems such a fun read and I´m in dire need of something fun and uplifting. And come on, air pirates. I just have to read this book.


I have to admit,this was really fun. I´m not going to tag people, so if you want to do this tag, feel free to do it.