You: A Novel - Caroline Kepnes

The facts:

  •  DNF at page 183 out of 422 after having contemplated for the last 50 pages how trees possibly could have died for this piece of work.
  •  If I could give a negative star rating, I would give this book minus 10 stars.
  •  Normally I don´t review a DNF book, but this is just such a crap-fest of a book, it totally deserves to get called out on.


Meet Joe. Joe works in a bookstore and one day Beck, the woman of Joe´s dreams, stumples into said bookstore and Joe does the only thing that is reasonable in a situation like this: he starts stalking her.


So, pretty much everything in this novel annoyed me. The story is boring and too drawn out, I depised every single one of these characters and the incessant talk about sex, masturbation and body parts bugged me a lot.

But what really pisses me off about this book is the fact that Caroline Kepnes tries to manipulate me into liking Joe. The novel begins with "love at first sight"-epiphany for Joe. He falls for Beck not because she is so kind or compassionate. No, he falls for her because she is beautiful and apparently doesn´t know how to use underwear (ok, she reads books. I have to give Joe some credit). As it turns out, Beck is one of the most horrible characters that I have ever encountered in a book (and don´t get me started on her friends ...yuk!). She is depicted as this despicable human being with a horrible personality and who gets totally bonkers on Facebook and Twitter (yes, she is one of those girls *sigh*). And I felt I was manipulated into thinking that it is totally okay for Joe to stalk her, just because she is horrible. I mean ... WTF! It is never okay that someone stalks another human being and I will never, ever root for someone like that.


I just can´t put up with another 240 pages of this mainpulative garbage. You takes the top spot of the worst book I have ever read.