The Nightingale - Kristin Hannah

I´m done with this book. It´s not because it didn´t hold my attention, but because of this ridiculously stupid thing that has just happened:



The younger sister Isabelle, who is in the resistance, steals in an act of juvenile defiance a bicycle, which belongs to an SS officer. I´m actually okay with her doing that, because she isn´t the most levelheaded character and it is fitting for her character.

However, I´m taking some issues with the things that are happening after the theft. After having painted the bicycle in another color, Isabelle rides freely around town with said bicycle. At this point the French don´t have food, money or other amenities and the Germans have taken all their valuables away from them. But all of a sudden, Isabelle is in possesion of a bike and no one ask her, where she has gotten if from. Not even the German soldier, who is living with them, is asking questions (uh, I forgot, he is a nice German soldier *eye roll*).

(show spoiler)



So there goes realism down the chute. DNF at 34%