Sharp Objects - Gillian Flynn

I´m going to grant Gillian Flynn one thing: she writes compelling stories and I finished this book within two days.

But oh boy, this book is disgusting. It´s like Flynn tried to put everything that can be remotely offending to people in one book (and this comes from a person, who is not easily offended). And she just overdoes it, because I never felt like this story could have happened anywhere exactly like that. The same goes for the characters. I can´t believe that almost all the residents in one town can be so horrible, disgusting and vile and no one does something about it. I like a shred of realism in the stories I read and I certainly didn´t find it in this book. 

I hardly noticed the big and surprising twist at the end and when it came up I was utterly flabbergasted how ridiculous this whole book is (because, how you can be remotely surprised that person X is the murderer?)