Jamaica Inn - Sarah Dunant, Daphne du Maurier

I have to admit that DuMaurier really knows how to create a dark, gothic atmosphere. But other than that I have been disappointed in this novel. The slow moving plot is predictable and the final conclusion and the motives of certain characters rather ridiculous. Most of the characters are one-dimensional and without any depth to them ( oh, how I don't like Aunt Patience).

The biggest nuisance of this novel is the main character Mary, who just can´t decide if she want´s to be a spunky heroine ("I´m not afraid to cross the moors alone at night") or a damsell in distress ("I can´t go back in the house. Bad things has happened there" ... Buuhuuh). And to top it off there´s a horribly lovestory, which takes the last shred of credibility from our heroine.

Definitely not DuMauriers best work, but I´m still happy to have read it. Her descriptions of Cornwall are second to none.