The Orenda - Joseph Boyden

First things first: I love the cover. 


This novel is told through the pespective of three different characters: a Jesuit priest, who tries to convert the Canadian natives to Catholicism, and two native people, who belong to feuding native tribes. Trough a violent act in the beginning of this novel, a special bond is forged between these characters. I loved the way how these people were introduced and I took an initial liking to them because their voices are so unique and wonderful.


And the writing is gorgous:


I stop to look up because the sun breaks, puffs of my breath shimmering in the first light. It´s you who shimmers, my love, in this first morning light. The sun will illuminate all of it. I know this most of all. The sun will show the Haudenosaunee who chase us exactly where to go, how many of us there are, what condition we´re in, and especially that we drag a crow with us. The sun today is not a friend. If we all die today, it will be because of it. And the sun won´t give true heat for three more moons, so it´s useless.