Above All Things - Tanis Rideout

At the beginning of this novel we are introduced to Noel Odell, mountaineer and naturalist. So when someone mentions Noel or Odell, I´m under the impression that they are talking about the same person. But then I read this:


"No need to check up on me, Odell. It´s Noel I´m more concerned about."


OK ... I´m confused. What did he do, split himself into two seperate human beings?

Turning back the pages didn´t help that much. Then I did some massive googling and as it is, the name of the photographer on the 1924-Mallory expedition has been John B.L. Noel, a guy who the author hasn´t introduced at all to the reader!

God, how I hate sloppy writing. I´m peeved!


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