Even though it is Easter monday and I´m probably a day too late, I still wish you a happy Easter no matter what.


The last week has been awfully busy workwise and I had to work yesterday as well, so I´m behind with almost everything. Which means I have some cathing up to do. My plan for today is:


  • Write my review for "The Beekeeper´s Apprentice"
  • Finishing the book I´m currently reading ( and to tell you the truth, I would much rather toss it in a corner)
  • Watching the last episode of Bosch (Season 1) and probably watching the first episode of The Night Manager.
  • Doing a lot of eating. Since I had to work yesterday, our official Easter menu is sheduled for today and it consists of:

    - Carrotsoup with Pestocream and Pinenuts

    - Lamb shank with a potato-leek-gratin

    - Homemade chocolate icecream with a coffee zabaione


I´m drooling over my keyboard just thinking about the food and no, I´m not thinking about the 5 pounds additional weight that I will have put on tomorrow ;).

And since the weather is pretty good today (the sun in shining), I will probably go on a walk during the day. Spring is finally coming.