Annihilation - Jeff VanderMeer

A group of four women are being send into Area X, a possibly hostile enviroment controlled by a clandestine government agency. Eleven expeditions prior to this one have failed and apparently there were some casualties. You would think this device could save their life:


Our most outlandish equipment consisted of a measuring device that had been issued to each of us, which hung from a strap on our belts: a small rectangle of black metal with a glass-covered hole in the middle. If the hole glowed red, we had thirty minutes to remove ourselves to "a safe places". We were not told what the device measured or why we should be afraid should it glow red.


I don´t know: Rhinos, elephants, tigers, lions, crocodiles, monsters or the occasional zombie. You would think the device is important, yet our heroine is doing that:


After the first few hours, I had grown so used to it that I hadn´t looked at it again.


Ignoring the device that could possibly save your life. That is the way to go. Am a little bit worried, though, because this happened on the second page of the novel.