Night Film - Marisha Pessl

Never trust the hype! I was really looking forward to be reading this novel and I was expecting a good mystery thriller with a lot of suspence. Instead I read a too long-drawn-out pretentious mess of a book.


The plot is disappointing and not suspenceful at all. I´ve got the impression that Marisha Pessl tries very hard to mislead the reader, but in my case she ultimately failed. I haven´t been suprised by anything that has transpired throughout the novel and I anticipated some plot twists right from the very start. Yes, I was bored by this book and it didn´t help that the initial 70% of the book followed this pattern: the MC and his Scooby Gang are getting a clue, which leads to an interview with a person, who conviniently spills his beans, which leads to another clue, another person, another interview and so on and so on.


And then Pessl is doing that weird thing, writing certain words in a sentence in italics. You think that stuff like this would be annoying? Yes, it is. But eventually you get used to it. Even though it is that annoying.


What a bore and a huge disappointment. Apparently you either love or hate this book, there is not much in between. I didn´t like it. Maybe it is a is a bad book and poorly written, maybe I´m just not getting it. Either way, I don´t care. I´m just glad that I finished it.