The Revenant: A Novel of Revenge - Michael Punke

The Revenant is the fictional account of Hugh Glass´ encounter with a bear and his struggle to get back to civilization. And it´s the story about the revenge he wants to exact upon the two men, who have left him behind to die.


I really enjoyed the first part of the story. The bear attack and Hughs fight for his life are a gripping tale of human survival and endurance and I couldn´t put this book down while reading these chapters. Unfortunalety the second part of the story couldn´t hold my interest and I had to force myself to read another chapter. The whole revenge plot didn´t work for me. In the end I didn´t like Hugh very much and I couldn´t care less about him. And the last chapter of this novel was the most anti-climatic thing ever.


So overall this book was an ok read but it could have been so much better.