Alias Grace - Margaret Atwood

I just can´t do it. I cannot finish this book. I don´t care about Grace or her story or any other character in this book. And I´m massivly annoyed by the narrative in Grace´s chapters:


I was not on good terms with him, as he´d started in that morning on what fine eyes I had, all the better to make eyes at young lads who still had their milk teeth, and I´d told him to keep his conversation to himself as he was the only one in the room who enjoyed it, and he´d said I had a tongue in my head like a viper, and I said that if he wanted someone who wouldn´t answer back, why didn´t he go out to the barn and make love to the cow, which is the kind of thing Mary Whitney would have said, or so I told myself.


It´s like listening to a bunch of 6-year-olds having a fight on a school yard.


DNF at 56%. I tend to abandon books way sooner than that.