The Bone Season - Samantha Shannon

I have already told you that the author is a little bit short on information when it comes to her worldbuildung. So I kind of expected that she would explain a little bit more about this world throughout the next chapters. Instead she is doing this:


"When Earth broke it´s threshold, it became exposed to a higher dimension called Netherworld, where we reside ... You humans have made many mistakes . You packed your fertile earth with corpses, burdened it with drifting spirits. Now it belongs to the Rephaim."


Yeah, right. She creates a new world inside a world, which she hasn´t explained anything about in the first place. I´m so freaking annoyed by this book right at the moment.


And then there is the most intense looking, big and masculin specimen of the Rephaim, Warden, who has choosen our heroine to be his pupil/pet/slave/whatever. For what reason I don´t know, but since the Rephaim are sucking on the auras of the humans clairvoyants, I suppose it can´t be anything good. And since Warden never claims a human, I´m dreading that there´s going to be a sappy lovestory between these two characters: