Nya asked a couple of questions and here are my answers.


What is your favorite childhood book?


Die Kinder aus Bullerbü - Astrid Lindgren 


I just love everything about "The Children of Noisy Village". As a child I dreamed about being a part of this group of children, going to the store or celebrating a perfect scandinavian christmas. My favorite book by Astrid Lindgren.


Ebooks or printed books?


I prefer ebooks, but every now and then I´m picking up a physical book.


What is your favorite place to read?


My couch.


Is there any genre that you would never read?


Well, I´m not a big fan of womens literature, erotica and romance books. But I wouldn´t go as far as saying that I never read these kind of books. Otherwise I´m up to almost every genre that can be read.


What is your rating system?


1 star: Yikes

2 stars: Jeez

3 stars: OK

4 stars: Great

5 stars: Awesome


Ok, I don´t have a definitve rating system. A lot of my rating is based on my gut feeling. And very seldomly I read 1 or 2 star books, because I tend to DNF these before finishing them.


What is your favorite fictional character?


I just have to go with Robert Frobischer from Cloud Atlas. His love and devotion towards his music touched me deeply, despite him being obnoxius and irritating at times.


What is the best film adaption of a book?


If this question is about of being the truest to is source material, I have to go with Shutter Island. I thought that reading this book is like watching the movie (although the book has more of an emotional punch to it).

But my favorite book adaption has to be, once again, the Cloud Atlas. The story has been changed to some extent to fit in a three hour timeframe, but I didn´t mind this at all. It´s simply one of my favorite movies.


How do you choose the next book to read?


If I would have the answer to that question, my life would be a lot easier.


Top 3 Authors?


David Mitchell

Stephen King, although he is either a hit or miss for me


C.J. Sansom and Dennis Lehane are prone to be on this list, but I have to read a few more books by these two to form a proper assessment.


Is there any book release you are particularly looking forward to?


Ancillary Mercy by Ann Leckie.