Cloud Atlas - David Mitchell

After learning, that someone has contracted syphilis at a bordello in copenhagen:


Dozed thorugh these trivials, but shall be more careful around Danes in future and Danish bordellos in particular.


His thoughts upon being in a  church and not feeling quite comfortable to be in one:


Faith, the least exclusive club on Earth, has the craftiest doorman. Every time I´ve stepped through it´s wide-open doorway, I find myself stepping out on the street again.


And I just love this one:

In the end, it was a Bach motet that shooed me away - choristers weren't damnably bad, but the organist´s only hope for salvation was a bullet through the brain. Told him so, too - tact and restraint all well and good in small talk, but one mustn´t beat around any bush, where music is concerned.