The Talented Mr. Ripley -  Patricia Highsmith

Tom Ripley has no money, no talents, no job and he doesn´t fit in with the type of people, he most ardently wants to fit in with. On top he has some major issues with his self esteem and is totally paranoid. Does he sound fun? No, definitely not and he even turns into this mentally disturbed and despicable person with a questionable moral.
Yet something strange has happened to me whilst reading the second half of the book. Patricia Highsmith manages through her narrative to evoke some kind of sympathy for this totally messed up guy. I caught myself rooting for him along the way and he totally deserves some recognition for his masterful skills in lying to other people and manipulating them. Such a messed up guy! I sort of liked him in the end.

There were some minor things I didn´t like about this book. Some passages were dragging, especially the description of the Italian landscapes. They were really beautiful and creating a setting is something, which Highsmith really excels at, but it took some tension out of the story. And the ending fell a little bit short for me, because

I have a strong sense of justice. He totally should have gone to jail in the end.


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I cannot say that I particularly liked the book, but it sure is a fascinating and captivating read.