I guess now is my turn to write a few words about me.


Hi, my name is Astrid. The nationality in my passport says German, but as I am a member of the danish minority, I do see myself as some sort of weird mixup between Germany and Denmark. I do live close to the danish border, so it is not a problem driving over there and enjoy all the pleasures, the danish food industry has to offer ... Stuff, to make the perfect Hotdog, food for julefrokost, Dark Matador Mix (awesome liquorice). Okay, I´m rambling about food, but I really do like to eat good food and to cook it myself. I was practically raised in cookbook heaven, my mother having about a thousand cookbooks.


I do have a job and now that I think of it, it is a great one. I sell stuff to people, that they really do not want to have, but desperately need. I´m a pharmacist!


Besides work and reading books I sing in a gospel-choir, which is an awful lot of fun, and I´m a TV-show- and movie-addict.


And now I can´t come up with anymore stuff. Happy reading to all of you!